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A Worthy Life – Part 2

Growing in the knowledge of God

Paul’s second challenge for living a worthy life is for us to continue to grow in our relationship with God.  The term ‘knowledge of God’ is not just an intellectual knowing but an experiential relationship with God.

Several times in my own life I’ve gone through seasons of dryness in my walk with God in which I had no desire to wait upon Him.  I recall a time where to my own discredit, weeks turned into months where I had no meaningful fellowship with God; so calloused had my heart grown that I wasn’t even bothered by my separation from Him.

On that occasion, God quickened to my spirit the image of Christ on the cross crying out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Bible teachers say that this was the very moment when the weight of mankind’s sins were placed upon Christ and the father turned away from his Son.  Throughout his human life, Christ walked in constant communion with the Father.  While upon the cross, for the first-time ever, Christ experienced separation from the Father. As the image played in my mind, I was overwhelmed with my own lack of urgency of being in God’s presence.  I had tolerated months of separation from God, not spending any quality time in prayer.  When I compared myself to that of Christ who was only separated from the Father for but a brief moment and cried out in grief, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me,” I saw then how calloused my heart had become towards God.

God Priority ImageYears ago, I was attending a work conference with about eight hundred fellow employees. The company invited guest speakers, a husband and wife team whose theme was to help us focus on prioritizing our personal core values. Each employee was given a deck ofof small cards with one word printed on each card, like:  family, education, career, promotion, friends, money, etc…  They then led the auditorium through various exercises designed to single-out our top three core values.  To my surprise, one of the cards in the deck had the word “God” written on it and I was thrilled to see a young man seated across from me had placed his God card at the top of his priorities.

While we were sorting out our values, the speakers walked around the room giving instructions and as one of the speakers approached me, she stooped down and picked up a card that had fallen to the floor and handed it to me.  I turned it over and it said “God”.  I quickly looked at my cards and saw that mine was placed on the table.  So, I leaned over to another young man sitting next to me and said, I think you must have dropped this card.  When he looked at the card, he replied matter-of-factly, “No, I threw it there.”

I was shocked that someone would so blatantly say that not only was God not a priority, but that he wanted nothing to do with God at all!

Rick Warren has written the following:

“Remember: You are as close to God as you choose to be. You’re going to become a friend of God when you want to become a friend of God.  You can’t blame anybody else.You can’t blame your wife, your husband, your parents, or your kids {your job, your school, or your schedule}.  You are as close to God as you want to be. And if you feel far from God, guess who moved? You didn’t make him the number one priority of your life. Knowing and loving God is our greatest privilege. And being known and being loved by God is our greatest pleasure.”  Rick Warren’s Daily Hope Devotion

God is inviting us to know him better, deeper and more intimately than ever before.  All we have to do is make time for him and it was for this reason we were created.  Nothing else in life will bring the satisfaction and fulfillment that spending time in his presence can give.

In the next blog, we will continue our discussion and examine how patience and endurance contribute to Living a Worthy Life.

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