The Lost Astronaut

The Lost Astronaut - A Novel

When all hope is lost, will a young man find the courage to forgive those who betrayed him in time to save humanity?

Jag has a dream, one that terrifies him. It foretells of the impending destruction of Earth and the horrific fate of humankind. Raised by his grandparents on a Midwestern farm, Jag is selected as one of twelve prodigy students enrolled in the first-ever Space University on board the International Space Station, where he competes against fellow classmates to invent technology that will propel humanity into intergalactic travel.

Overcome with jealousy, a fellow classmate sabotages Jag’s invention and sends him spiraling into deep space, where he is enslaved by ruthless pirates, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, and then promoted to a position where he ultimately holds the salvation of Earth in his hands.

Can love conquer Jag’s heart in time to save Earth? Time is running out…

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